Vintage flowery autumn shirt

I originally bought this fabric to make myself a nice pair of summer harem trousers, but before doing that I made other things and other projects seemed more fun and suddenly, summer was over. And, also suddenly, I realized I desperately need long sleeved shirts. Some time ago, I would go to the high-street and just buy some really cheap jersey things, but I’m trying really hard not to buy anything that was almost certainly made in not the most fair conditions. I’m not getting political, I have no idea where the fabric actually came from (and thus can’t climb on a high horse) and I don’t have the skills or money to completely stop shopping on the high street.

So I looked though my stash of fabric and found this flowery thing of perfect weight (it some sort of very light knit). I really love the fabric and am so happy it didn’t turn it into trousers, because in a blouse, it’s so 90sy/60sy vintagey fun. I found the pattern for the shirt in my stash of Burdas, in the February 2013 issue (I think it’s model 135).

I’m wearing the shirt with a knitted collar I once got in a swap and really adore. I wanted to break the whole floweriness of the main fabric with some solid black and thus made the cuffs and then wanted to add a collar, but decided I’m just going make some removal ones, because I couldn’t decide on a shape and wanted to keep my options open. (I still have to make some, but luckily I already own this one:))

I love how the shirt turned out and I really wanted a nice autumnal and thematic photo shoot. So we went to the Columbia road flower market and took some pictures along the way. London is so f*in beautiful in autumn and the flower market is such a cool place to visit, especially around 4PM, when everyone is selling 2 bunches of flowers for a fiver and I can actually afford lovely flowers:) This time, I even got some cabbage:)


What to do with spoonflower swatches

My spring flowers faux quilt fabric has arrived (a week ago).

sping pinwheels fabric

I wanted to make something out of at least one swatch before I post anything on the blog, and I did:). It was hard to think of a nice project, there’s only 8×8 inches of fabric and you can’t really do that much with that. But I have quite a collection of metal purse frames and 8×8 is just enough for a small coin purse! The scallop fabric is, in my opinion, perfect for the project, since the small shapes on the fabric kind of echo the shape of the purse.

 I thought about making a tutorial, but realised there’s so many out there already, the internet really doesn’t need a new one. Here’s a few links, if you’re interested:

*the only thing I do differently is, I don0t glue the frame to the purse, i use the tiny holes in the frame to sew it to the purse. I think it looks prettier, adds something interesting and holds better.

When observing the rest of the fabric and thinking abut what to do with that, i realised the forget me not pattern is perfect for covering buttons in fabric. I don’t really know where i’ll put them, but.. you know, they’re adorable!:)

 Maybe on the small make up case I intend to sew out of the remaining two swatches? I need some interfacing and a zipper for that and I don’t know when I’ll get my ass to the store, but I wanted to post this before an eternity passes.

 I’m slowly runig out of ideas on what to make out of the swatches. I made some quilted pot holders out of my pie fabric, it’s quite perfect for that. But I have a few more swatches just waiting to be made into something…


pot holders

Do you have any great ideas on what to make out of Spoonflower swatches?