Hi! It’s me. Pinka. Errr… Petra. Pinka is just a silly nickname my boyfriend somehow managed to make up out of my name.

Every time I was daydreaming of owning any kid of craft shop / cake decorating business / bistro / dog bakery / tea house/ you.get.the.idea, I named it Pinka’s. Since none of those dreams are coming true very soon, I decided to improvise a little and create a virtual all.off.the.above. A nook on the internet, a tiny (and obscure:)) virtual space that’s just mine and can become anything I want it to be.

This blog is a chaotic creative mix of lots of different topics, mostly related to DIY and living in a ridicolously large city. I have recently moved to (East) London from a tiny town in a very small country, so exploring the city is a great adventure for me. But mostly, this blog is about the things I love to do: cooking, baking, cake decorating, sewing, gardening, machine embroidering, graphic design, learning new crafts, … and then writing about all of that. I also love my dog, Ari – he is the most perfect creature in the world and taking silly pictures of him and sharing them with the world is one of my most important missions. I’ll also write about books, travelling, concerts, rainy days … So basically, this blog is about life, universe and everything.

Thank you for stopping by, do come visit me again. I’ll try and update this blog as often as possible!


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