The mandtaory end/begining of year post

I was quite busy at the end of the year. A pretty huge freelance project seemed like it needed to be wrapped up quickly (although it still isn’t done…), someone started paying me for writing exactly the same stuff I write for my blog, so I kinda prioritised that and then, there was all the Christmas crafting I needed to do. I was really good this year, made some gifts I liked so much it was hard to give them away.

I made a handbag for my sister, a lovely round one with embroiderer cuddling foxes.

I also made a weekender bag for mum, and I printed on the fabric for that one myself. Then there was a kindle sleeve for my dad and some trinkets for others.When I got to Slovenia, I also made a little fox rattle/pillow for my nephew.

I think the weekender bag is my favourite sewing crafting project ever, and the one I’m most proud of. Also the one I spent most (productive ) time on ever. I’m seriously thinking about making the exact same bag for myself. Or maybe the exact same one I made for my sister? Or maybe something new…

Anyway to sum up my 2014 real quick: nothing really obviously big happened, I didn’t get a “real job” or a baby or other similar things my parents would like me to get. I did however do a number of freelance jobs I really enjoyed and was proud of and most of them were surface pattern design related. The one I’m most proud of, is a design for bikinis someone was supposed to make in Australia. I have no idea if that’s actually happening, but I got a picture of a bikini made out of fabric I designed and it was pretty much the highlight of my summer.


Life-wise quite big changes happened, even if not the ones one would expect. People who know me know I had those “I’m going to live super healthy now” trips quite often. They usually lasted a month or two, but then I kind of gave up… My biggest issue was giving up smoking, even when I moved to London where a box of cigarettes costs about a human kidney and a half. I solved that problem by importing way to many cigarettes and forcing all of my friends and relatives to bring me some when they visited. But then, somehow, I honestly don’t even remember how, I started running. And then I didn’t give that up after a fortnight, I actually started to enjoy it. And with that came the realisation that one of the biggest things holding me back, was my nasty habit and I just quit. Just like that. I still have half of a box of cigarettes on my shelf, because this time I didn’t go the “this is the last box” route. It’s there because I hate doing things for the last time – so It’s easier for me not to smoke, knowing I can start again any time I want, so I don’t. (makes more sense in my head then now that I actually put it into words:)). I also almost stopped eating meat (mostly environmental reasons) and I can report that I’m generally quite a bit happier and more optimistic.

And lastly, my goals for this year (not resolutions, I had none last year and I’m now actually healthy and thinner and way happier):

– I want to sew some jeans
– design a fabric pattern collection each month
-possibly sew some hot hot underwear
– carry on running, maybe do a 10k or something like that
– talk to my family more
– write poetry again
– read more books, watch less TV
-blog more. Like at least once a week 🙂
-possibly start an actual business

And that’s that for the obligatory end of the year and first new years post, that merged into one. I have so many projects and recipes lined up, I really hope I actually blog about them:)


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