MIID summer school, beginner track: beginings

I’ve joined the “Make it in design Summer School beginner track”. Mainly because I would really love to take some of the other online courses from them or from Lilla Rogerts, but I just don’t have the money for it, and this one was free. I also want to try out an online course, before I pay money for it. All of my experiences with taking any kind of on-line classes (mostly from coursera) were the same: at first, I was super enthusiastic about it and did all of my homework, but then I lost interest and just forgot about them. So I guess this is like a nice test drive to see how I’ll function in the situation.

Anyway, the first brief is out and we have to design a pattern centred around the theme “Tropical paradise”. The most tropical place, which, incidentally is also the place most resembling paradise I’ve ever been to is the lovely Portuguese island Madeira. When I was way younger, we would go there for our summer holidays with my family, 5 summers in a row. I loved it. LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Thus, my image of a tropical paradise is slightly different from the one suggested in the brief. I don’t associate it with palm trees and I certainly don’t associate it with pink plastic flamingos. I’ve never seen any of those in real life anyway. For me, a tropical paradise is full of streliza flowers, the smell of passion fruit and sand as black as the night.


mood board1


I’ve obviously never made a mood board in my life (yes, I do need some actual education regarding surface pattern design:)) and I think this is probably not really a mood board, but anyway, here’s my first collage of pictures that serve me as my first inspiration. It’s also where I’ll get my colour pallet from.

ps, I don’t know thw rules of mood boarding, but heres where I got the photos from:



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