Brighton and The Seven Sister Country Park


This was the first trip me, Norb and Ari went on in the UK. Norb’s parents were visiting and they’re not really city people, so a day or two of sightseeing around London was more than enough for them. Because they stayed for almost 9 days, we had to fill the rest with something (mostly it was eating baclavas, walking the dog around the marshes and looking for a small rectangular light coloured head scarf for Norbs grandma, which was almost mission impossible). So this was the perfect opportunity to rent a car and go somewhere out of Oyster reach. (I don’t have a drivers licence and Norb prefers having a second driver in the car). We didn’t need much thinking to decided that going south is the best idea, since we’re all huge fans of the sea.


I guess there’s lots to do in Brighton, if you want to do stuff, but we just walked around, took pictures and enjoyed the sun and sea air. We also ate some fish and chips, because I heard that’s what you’re supposed to do there:) We went to a pub, we also had to check “more or less traditional pub” from their “what to do in the UK” list. The pub has something to do with baskets or weavers or maybe basket weavers in the name and we were really happy with our choice. The food was amazing!


Then, we went on to the Seven Sisters Country Park, which was simply magnificent. I imagined it was going to be quite crowded and windy (I like to prepare for the worst), but it wasn’t either. Some German school kids were going back when we went towards the beach and then we were almost alone. There was a pleasant light summer breeze and all you could hear were birds, waves and sheep in the distance.


We all wished we went there earlier, you could spend a whole day there, just walking around and enjoying the view. Everywhere you turn and look, you see something amazing. Then you walk approximately 5 meters, and everything seems even prettier.



I’m not a fan of long car drives on winding roads (I don’t feel well four hours afterwards), staying in the sun too long without a hat, or heights, so when we went on top of the first cliff, I wasn’t exactly happy. The dog enjoyed it a lot, though, he doesn’t mind being an inch away from dying at all. He even set down half way up, just on the edge of the path, and scratched his ear viciously for approximately a million years and I almost fainted just looking at him. Even thinking about that now makes my stomach turn…


We both enjoyed the top though. Being away from the edge, but still being able to see everything made me happy again, and he was even happier about all of the lovely presents the sheep have left for him. (It was poo. He loves it. Eating it. Rolling in it. Eating whatever is left over from rolling in it.) There were many lambs and baby rabbits all around the meadows, so the beauty was improved by some incredible cuteness.



I think it was the perfect day trip. If you’re quite new to the UK and wonder what to explore, I’d definitely recommend The Seven Sisters. Brighton is quite nice too, but a bit too touristy for my taste.


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