London coffee festival (2014)

I love coffee. All kinds of coffee -from nice espressos to good quality home brews. I’ve been drinking it for years now, my father used to bring coffee beans from all of his travels around the world and we tried many different kinds of preparation methods in recent years. Since we moved to London I really enjoy trying out new coffee places on weekends (It is too pricey for me to have a nice late every day), but got used to drinking tea instead of coffee daily, because we only had a french press and a cafeteria (or, in British terms, a cafeteria and a mocca, I think. The naming of coffee making equipment confuses me) and I’m not particularity good at making either.

We were really exited for the coffee festival ever since we heard of it a few months ago. I don’t go to fairs or conventions often, I get claustrophobic in crowds and am not a huge fan of slowly moving around a large crowded area, but I could bare it for coffee:) And it was totally worth it.

I drank an unhealthy amount of different coffees – I had to try all of the ones prepared in new fun ways. My favourite was the Aeropress (at the Union, where we also got some nice free beans), so we obviously had to buy one. If you’ve never heard of t, it’s an invention by the same guy who patented the Frisbee and the outcome taste-wise is (in my opinion) a great middle between an esspresso and a french press. Not too strong, not too mild, not too acidic.

I also tried some of the cold brewed coffee made with the extremely fancy looking apparatus at Alchemy and I think I really insulted the guy who made it by saying it was really suer. But it was. Really. I did not like it at all.


We also tried a billion other kinds of coffee (and I couldn’t sleep until 3 in the mornin). One of my other favourites was observing the Italian barista champion, who was cramped into a corner somewhere between the artisanal coffee makers and other products and was employed to promote something Italian. No one at their stand ever said anything, he just made amazing cappuccinos with great looking foam art.



Anyway, here’s a video Google made for Norb. (yes, Google made that. Norb just chose the music and a filter. If you have a Nexus, Google figures out which pictures and videos were made at the same event and than just makes a video. It’s both extremely scary and amazing.)


2 thoughts on “London coffee festival (2014)

    • It was! This gave confidence to go on more different fairs and similar events, because even though it’s crowded, there’s so much you see and try out.

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