Taking clothes sewing to the next level

I have recently decided to take my (clothes) sewing to the next level. I did that many times before and generally things have been improving, but everything I make is still obviously made by me. And when someone tells me: “You made that, didn’t you”, it doesn’t mean I have an awesome unique and distinct style, it doesn’t even mean that the garnet has a hint of homemadenss, but that there are several visible mistakes. Not mistakes other people who sew would see, but mistakes everyone can see.


But I’ll be careful now. I will under stitch, edge stitch, top stitch, face and most importantly press. Every step of the way. I have a few sewing books that explain how to do all of these things, but I learn by seeing, so when Craftsy had a sale I bought the “40 techniques every sewer should know” class  and I’m really happy with it. I have yet to apply any of my new found knowledge on a garment (I need to go fabric shopping. Today. ), but I did sew something that will (hopefully) help me achieve a (more) professional look. A (not so professional looking) tailors ham and roll.


I did think about making a tutorial, but since there are a few million of them out there already, a short list is enough:

And there are plenty more if you google it.

Most of them ask to fill the ham and the roll with saw dust, but it didn’t. Because a) my only previous childhood experience with saw dust has thought me that saw dust gets everywhere and is supper itchy and b) I have no clue where you might get it. I decided to instead go for the second option and stuff them with my fabric scraps (which I have plentiful, because I never throw anything away).

Making them was super easy, I think it took me around half an hour (I didn’t use any of the new dress making techniques I now know:)) and I’m actually really happy with how they turned out. The ham is a bit rectangular and I’m not sure if it will really work, but we shall see. I have enough leftovers left for 3 or 4 hams, so no worries.

sewing space

My whole sewing (well, working, I also do all of my work there) space looks quite professional now, wouldn’t you say? Next to my desk you can see my new best friend, Elsa. Dad got her for me as a Christmas+bday present. We like each other, because we both have bigger  butts bottoms. I have to buy her a padded bra though, her chest is a bit too small. The sleepy dog in the corner is the best part of my “office”, obviously. (Why yes, I did tidy up the whole area for the photo. how did you know it does not look like that all the time?)




5 thoughts on “Taking clothes sewing to the next level

  1. Hi Petra!
    Thanks for linking to my presser tools (my blog is Serger Pepper… with double p LOL)… I had better results using hamster’s litter, also if I’m enjoying my scraps filled tools (only trick here is making really narrow strips and press sooooooo much everything)
    Hugs from Italy,
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.com

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