Anti valentines day design

I like valentines day. If i could have it my way, I would probably decorate the house with hearts and bake cupcakes and be cheesy and stuff, but my darling Norb just doesn’t care for it.  He still doesn’t even know the date of it and I really don’t want to force him into all the sweetness, so we’re not really celebrating it. (He bought me a flower once. After I teased him about valentines day for about a month. It was a lovely orchid. It died, becosue I don’t know how to take care of orchids.)

But I like Valentines day, in general, so this week’s Spoonflower contest wasn’t that easy for me. Anti valentines day… I remember being a bitter teenager and hating it, but that’s not inspirational enough for me to design something around it. But then I though of all the times my heart was broken and all the hearts I broke before settling down. I also remembered all of the excuses that I used and were used on me, the ones that you make when you don’t want to hurt someone, but are just incredibly pathetic. So I decided I’ll make some into typographic cross stitches. I thought I’ll make a few more, but just ran out of time, these thing take forever to make. First you have to design the layout and then find the appropriate typographies and then transform the whole thing into crosses. I bet there’s an app that makes that automatically, but I made it all by hand. Photoshop, a grid of 0.5 cm and a “cross stitch” brush were my solution. It took ages, so at the end, I only made 4 designs. I also made a background pattern out of all the decorative borders I used in the designs (and a few more), to connect them together. That one could use quite a bit more work, but I ran out of time…

Here’s a “close up”, so you can see it’s actual crosses.

I also opened a store on society6, why not? Some of my designs could also works as art prints and tote bags and whatnot, and posting them there as well as on Spoonflower doesn’t really take that much time… Maybe someone wants to break someone’s heart with a cheesy cross stitch tote bag this year, who knows?

Again, as always, if you like my design,please go to spoonflower and vote for it:) There’s quite a lot of funny designs this week, so looking through them is really enjoyable:)



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