My project made it to the “Best of Craftster 2013” list

Craftster Best of 2013 Winner
I’m a Craftster Best of 2013 Winner!

I love Crafster it’s one of the first internet places I visit every morning. I love looking at all the wonderful projects people make, the inspiration there is incredible. I never knew how many techniques for making stuff are out there and I quite often try something I’ve never thought of before because I saw something lovely on the forum. Crafty blogs are awesome, but I tend to only read the ones about sewing and cooking, so being a part of a crafty community like that broadens my horizons.  I’m so honoured to be on the list of best projects of 2013!

wolf wall hangig

I got my lovely new badge for a machine embroidery project. There wasn’t much of a competition in the category, not a lot of people post projects from that area. I’m proud non the less, I really liked my projects. The black jacket I was sewing and embroidering, the one that was the reason for the making of this wall hanging (testing out the urban threads embroidery design)  was never finished, unfortunately. It’s still in pieces in my previous sewing space in Slovenia. I started it 2 weeks before the move and than somehow managed to sew(topstiching and everything) two left sleeves by sewing one on the wrong side.  (Yes, my mind was all over the place at the time:)). I’ll bring it here next time I visit home and I’ll probably make it into a vest. Sleeveless is so 2014, isn’t it:)?

Back to the wall hanging: I stretched it over a cheap canvas, decorated it with studs and finally gave it away in the first and only giveaway on my previous (slovenian) blog. I hope Wolfy likes it where he is:)


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