What to do with spoonflower swatches

My spring flowers faux quilt fabric has arrived (a week ago).

sping pinwheels fabric

I wanted to make something out of at least one swatch before I post anything on the blog, and I did:). It was hard to think of a nice project, there’s only 8×8 inches of fabric and you can’t really do that much with that. But I have quite a collection of metal purse frames and 8×8 is just enough for a small coin purse! The scallop fabric is, in my opinion, perfect for the project, since the small shapes on the fabric kind of echo the shape of the purse.

 I thought about making a tutorial, but realised there’s so many out there already, the internet really doesn’t need a new one. Here’s a few links, if you’re interested:

*the only thing I do differently is, I don0t glue the frame to the purse, i use the tiny holes in the frame to sew it to the purse. I think it looks prettier, adds something interesting and holds better.

When observing the rest of the fabric and thinking abut what to do with that, i realised the forget me not pattern is perfect for covering buttons in fabric. I don’t really know where i’ll put them, but.. you know, they’re adorable!:)

 Maybe on the small make up case I intend to sew out of the remaining two swatches? I need some interfacing and a zipper for that and I don’t know when I’ll get my ass to the store, but I wanted to post this before an eternity passes.

 I’m slowly runig out of ideas on what to make out of the swatches. I made some quilted pot holders out of my pie fabric, it’s quite perfect for that. But I have a few more swatches just waiting to be made into something…


pot holders

Do you have any great ideas on what to make out of Spoonflower swatches?


3 thoughts on “What to do with spoonflower swatches

  1. I really like your little coin pouch! It looks so nice with that fabric you chose. Some quickly brainstormed ideas for swatches:

    – padded hair clips
    – zippered pouches (e.g. for pens, cosmetics)
    – camera cases
    – sachets filled with lavender or catnip
    – keychain pendant (perhaps padded)
    – crazy shirts or dresses made of sheets of swatches (the way they’re shipped to you!), barcodes and all! 🙂

    I have to start thinking about that too…I have a large shipment with about 40 swatches coming soon.

    • those are some great ideas. I will do a zipper pouch (the make-up case) and I also need a new keychain adornment, I don’t know why I never thought of that:)
      Wow, 40 swatches! can’t wait to see them on your blog:)

      • I think SF is behind on their orders. Perhaps their faille giveaway last week did them in. But yes, you bet I will blog about the order. It’ll be better than Christmas for me! 🙂

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