It think it’s safe to say at this point that I’m addicted to scones. I make them at least once per week (but usually more often) and if there are none around, I carve them. Like, all the time. If I’m hungry, the first thing that pops to mind is always: Scones! Clotted cream! Home made jam! Usually I do decide on something a bit more nutritious, but, as previously stated, I do give into temptation and make and eat some quite often.

scone with apricot jam

If someone is visiting us, however, scones are a necessity. People have this preconceived idea that all traditional British food is yucky and bland and not really edible and I like convincing them otherwise. Scones are pretty much the best argument. The reactions of the unknowing are always the same:

First comes the suspicion: “So this is like a big, err, cookie? Or is it a bun? You cut it? And you put this white thing on it? And jam? What IS this thing? What exactly do I do with it?”
Then comes my explanation of the famous dilemma: clotted cream under or on top of the jam? I advise them to do it however they want and usually they spread it on the scone before the jam, because it’s kind of like butter. But then I remind them that It’s also kind of like whipped cream and we all put it on top of the jam on the next scone and debate the pros and cons of both options. There is a difference, if you were wondering, but I still haven’t decided which order I like more. On one hand you create a barrier between the jam and scone with cream if you put it on first and the scone doesn’t absorb the jam, which is nice. But on the other hand, if you put the cream on top, it’s the first thing that hits your taste buds and then everything just melts on top of it in your mouth and that’s pretty awesome too.
Then, finally, comes the surprising realization: “This thing is like the best f*ing thing EVER. It’s AMAZING. I want another one!” And we eat around a million more, until we’re all out of clotted cream and half dead. Then I sometimes make more the next day.

The exact same thing happened when two of our friends were visiting for NY. And since the female part of the couple is an aspiring pastry chef and an amazing food bloger, we decided to make some scones together, document the process and both write about it on our blogs.

making scones together is fun!

At first we planed on both writing down the recipe but… I’m lazy. So if you want it and if you want to see more pics, head off to Cimetovo dekle and read it there. (Check her out even if you’re not interested in the scones, she has a very lovely blog!)


PS for all my Slovenian/Balkan readers who don’t know what clotted cream is: it’s kind of exactly like kajmak, just a bit fresher and not salty at all.


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