First spoonflower weekly contest of the year: Spring floral cheater quilt block

I had a small vacation from designing for the weekly spoonflower challenges. I usually try to do as many as possible, because they are a great opportunity for me to try different techniques in adobe programs. I’m not the kind of a person who just opens up a blank document and starts designing something, I need a specific task put in front of me:).

This weeks challenge was to design a cheater quilt block- fabric designed to look like someone has taken the time to choose a set of fabrics, choose a specific quilt block design, cut everything accordingly and then piece everything together, so no one actually has to do it.The theme was spring flowers, which might sound weird since it’s January, but it seems quite natural to me. Temperatures in London are around 12°C and there’s quite a lot of sunshine, so it definitely feels more like spring then winter. There was also a set colour palette, but definitely not a restricted one. 3 tones of pink, 3 tones of blue and 3 tones of yellowish colours (one almost green), and you could also use white.

I immediately knew that I wanted to make some vintage looking shabby chic designs, the pinks were begging to become roses and the blues were definitely meant to become forget me nots. I designed two more intricate designs by tracing photos of flowers and then colouring them in with the required tones (took quite some time, the daisies were especially tedious:)). One is this lovely roses on plaid design (nothing original, I know, but I still like it) and the other is this combination of daisies and forget me nots. (On the cheater quilt, I used one on the pink background and one on a pale yellow, but I like the pink more)

But I need a bigger variety of “fabrics”, so I also designed 2 chevrons, 2 polka dots, a simple flower design, a scales design with all the colours and a design with simple forget me nots.

My only problem was, I’m not a quilter. The last time I designed a cheater quilt in ended up not looking very quilty (if you’re interested…). I don’t really know how the process of piecing fabric together works and if there are rules or whatnot, so improvised. I just googled “quilt block” and found one that seemed interesting, then I copied the lines with the pen tool (in illustrator) and filled the shapes with the patterns quite randomly. I decided that a fat quarter is just big enough to have 4 square quilt block on it and since there was quite a large white border left on the side, I filled it in with a stripe of my favourite of the patterns I designed. (Quilts have lovely borders, no? :)) And here’s how the whole thing looks like.

cheater quilt blocks

I already ordered some swatches, including swatches with the rose, daisy, forget me not and scale designs and I can’t wait to get them. I really liked the experience of designing a collection like this, (now I just have to get an idea of a theme and a palette all by myself and make many, many more:)).

And if you you’re not too busy, dear reader, I would be extremely thankful if you headed over to spoonflower and voted for me. That is if you like the design, of-curse.

PS: anyone interested in an illustrator tutorial for the whole process? I wouldn’t mind making one, I just need to know at least one person would read it:))


3 thoughts on “First spoonflower weekly contest of the year: Spring floral cheater quilt block

  1. Hi Pinka,
    great posting! I was too lazy to get into how I made my ‘quilt’! I love your flowers, especially the roses and daisies. I’m not a quilter either, have never quilted a thing! I might order my design and make a mini-blanket out of it to get my first taste. And yes, I would be interested in your tutorial. I’m sure I’m not the only one! 🙂 Best of luck in the contest! What is your SF-name?

    • Thank you. The roses are my favourite, too. I have an idea for a new quilt, which I’ll start making next week and I’ll document the process. So there shall be a tutorial here in the next few weeks:)

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