Best of 2013

This blog isn’t old enough for me to find 5 best projects I did this year and posted here, but I did exist before I started writing it. I also had a Slovenian blog, so there is some material for me to choose from if I want to make a “top 5 things I created last year” list. So why shouldn’t I :)?

Here it is, in no particular order, the 5 things I created last year and am most proud of:

-This awesome cake I made for Norb for his birthday. We celebrated it on the same day the last GOT episode of series 3 came out, so it seemed fitting (we’re also both fans of the show, obviously.)

Cake of thrones

-This pretty red polka dot dress. It was my first time using a serger and I had professional supervision, so it turned out quite awesome.


-This cape. It was one of the first wearable things I ever made and I LOVE it.

chevron cape

-This hot sauce label. It was one of my first freelancing design jobs  and first food label I ever did, so I’m still quite proud of it. It’s not perfect, but, you know… It’s the beginning of something

first label

-My graduate thesis. It took me 2 years to finish it and at the end I was still quite unhappy with how it turned out. Now, after I had a month of reflection, I’m actually quite proud of myself. I’m (almost officially) a Disney Princess expert and that’s probably one of the awesomest things I’ll ever be. (More accurately, I’m an expert on the Representation of Women In the Disney Princess series, but let us not be too pedantic …)


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