Christmas time in Slovenia

I was in Slovenia for Christmas. Because of the “can’” issue, we only went for 5 days (Ari had a dog sitter who lived in our apartment and took care of him in the meantime). It was a pretty traditional celebration – all we did was eat immense amounts of food each day, drink wine and homemade spirits and then we ate some more. First there was lunch with mum, then Christmas dinner with dad, then we went off to Norbs home town where we had to eat 2 more ridiculously huge meals with his family. There was also time to meet with friends, drink more home made spirits and eat some oldschool Slovenian pizza (thick crust, lots of cheese). I did think about sharing some recipes, but there’s only one that I really want to share. My grandmas secret potica recipe. I’ll make one here and share the recipe after I tested it myself (that can also go horribly wrong. I only made potica once in my life). Until then – some photos.

My sister is studying culinary arts in Dublin, so the dinner she prepared with my father  had traditional elements from this part of Europe (the beef and the cake), as well as some modern takes on traditional dishes from Slovenia- the pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil-ricotta ravioli, poached quail egg and a drizzled of more pumpkin seed oil(why yes, we do like pumpkin seed oil. I can’t imagine my life without it). There was also a very pretty terrine for a cold entrée, but I ate it before I remembered I could take some pictures, it was just too good.


making of Potica

Ps: For all of my Slovenian speaking readers, here is the recipe I wrote down while observing my grandma Julka while making potica. For all of you who don’t understand it, it’s basically a list of ingredients with instructions like: “do that by feeling. You can either cook that, or not. Mix with a wooden spoon.”

500g moke, zlicka soli, 100g putra, mleka na oko 3 deci, 2 celi jajci. Puter stopis v mleku, pol das jajca. S kuhlo mesas. Pol mesis. Raste da se podvoji. Namazes. Das v model. Prepikas s spilo. Raste se pol ure- da zraste za eno tretjino. Fila: pol cukra, pol orehov, rum, limonina lupinica. Polijes z vrelim mlekom. Rumenjak. Tu malo tak. 40 dek orehov. Lahko kuhas.


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