A walk in a graveyard

I think we’ve already established that I’m not a very talented photographer. But that does not stop me from taking pictures (with a mobile phone, ofcourse) of extremely cool places and thinking they’re awesome enough to be published on my blog.


Today was a perfect December day. It was sunny and surprisingly warm. We went to Dalston for a family photo shooting (one of our new neighbour friends is a photographer and he needed some portrait subjects. I think this might be the start of Ari’s modelling career). We were late, so the whole thing lasted only 20 minutes and then we were completely free. We decided to just walk around a little and explore some new areas. On that walk we discovered the Abney Park Cemetery.


I’m always surprised when I visit a nonslovenian cemetery. All cemeteries in Slovenia I ever visited are the same- everything is tidy, most graves have an abundance of flowers and candles on them and everything is square. Trees only grow around the margins and all the paths are covered with small white pebbles. As you can imagine, they are pretty boring and (therefore) never ever used as parks. Because of that I still find the concept of jogging in a cemetery or walking your dog there (off the leash) a bit weird. But in a good way, I guess?

 The walk today felt pretty much like a walk in a film set. The light was perfect and the scenery gorgeous. I tried capturing it with the phone, but you have to have at least above average abilities to capture the beauty of the headstones crowded in-between huge old trees and covered with ivy. But I did my best:)




Afterwards we went to the Chatsworth Road Christmas Market and it was very nice too. I’ll take some crappy pictures and write something about that next week:)


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