Halloween costume that fits on a yard of fabric

Spoonflower has a design contest for a Halloween costume that can be made out of a single yard of fabric this week. At first I didn’t think of entering, because I don’t have children or even know any children, so I couldn’t think of a costume design for such a small amount of fabric.

But then I remembered my costume for last years carnival (Slovenian grown ups dress up then) and part of it was an Elizabethan corset, that can easily be made out of a yard of fabric. An Elizabethan corset doesn’t singe in your waist, but makes your boobs look amazing. Here’s howthe one I made for carnival looks like:


So an idea was born- part of the yard is going to be the lining of the corset with the boning marks on it, so it would be much easier to sew, and the outside was going to be… yeah…. something Gothic?

A ribcage in a vintiage medical book design style seemd like an appropriate start. After finding the right picture and manipulating it a little in photoshop it still seemed very boring though. I mean… there’s so many t shirts out there with a ribcage design on them, what was going to make my corset stand out? (The first thing was the fact that I always knew I was going to make the design in a size and position similar to my actual rib cage. Not a tiny picture that just floats in the middle of a t-shirt or a corset). And then I remembered this sad ballad I was forced to reread over and over again for a primary school literary competition. It was written by the most famous Slovenian poet France Prešern. I tried finding a decent translation of the title, but couldn’t, so here’s my best shot at it (I love it because it sounds like a Gothic bed time rhyme for children): The heart that would not rot.

the heart

It is basically about this singer who was in love with this pretty girl that didn’t love him back. Once she got married to another guy, he stopped singing. Because his heart was so full of unsang songs, it would not rot in his grave, so when some people dug him up, they found it there, still beating. That’s what ultimately inspired me for this design. (here‘s a google translate of the whole thing. It’s hilarious.)

I really like the whole design (as you’ve probably noticed, there’s also a skull mask) and for a second I considered ordering it with some rush shipping, but realised I do not have enough money for fun stuff like that. (The shipping would actually cost more than the yard of fabric and that seems silly). I’m also not planing on gong out all dressed up for Halloween, so it would probably be a waste of money. I am ordering a yard though and I’m going to sew this up sooner or later, even if I’m just going to wear it around the apartment. For, you know, cooking and stuff.


What I would like you to do, dear reader, if you like the design, is to go to this page and vote for it (along with other designs you like, obviously). Thank you!


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