First Visit to Liberty

If you like patterns or design or fabric or fabrics with pretty patterns and London, you’ve probably heard about Liberty. If not, it’s a department store and a company that makes and sells fabric with the prettiest floral and graphic designs ever. (They also sell other fancy fashionable stuff and chocolate, but that’s not that important.)


I’ve been looking forward to visiting the store ever since we moved here. I have also been avoiding it the whole time, because I knew exactly what the expedience was going to do to me. This weekend however, the time has come- Norb forgot his laptop charger at work so we had to go to the city centre. And since we were already there and had nothing else to do… we pilgrimaged through the tourist ridden streets of Soho to Regent street. (and visited the Orcs nest on the way there, but that’s another story)

The store was build in the “Tudor revival” architectural style, so it looks and feels even older than it actually is (and kind of Harry-Potterish). When I entered it, I felt like I’m entering a magical place where time and fiancés who’re accompanying you don’t matter. Walking up to the third floor where they sell the fabric I also kind of forgot how much money I don’t have. I just knew I had to look at ALL of the patterns, find the prettiest one and then buy at least a yard.


I gave Norb specific instructions of what he has to take pictures of (all the pictures in this post are obviously his work:)), because I had to manically look in every direction and didn’t really have the time to do it myself. Luckily, that kept him at least a bit entertained while I spent a few minutes (it was probably a bit more, but who counted?) in pattern heaven. I tried narrowing down my favourites to the smallest possible number, but couldn’t. Every fraking one was perfect. I also hoped, every time I glanced up at the price of the cotton, that it wasn’t going to say 22 £ / y, but it did. At some point the number said 36 and that probably brought me back to reality.

When I finally realised that I’m not confident enough in my sewing skills to spend that much money on fabric, I tried convincing Norb that I most definitely need a pretty sewing accessories box, but he (and my voice of reason) couldn’t be persuaded. I then tried convincing them both to buy pretty wrapping paper, frame it and use it to decorate our bare walls, but encountered another problem. Norb is a bit afraid of butterflies, so giant pictures of them make him feel uncomfortable. (Yes, I’m going to get married to the manliest man in the world. But as long as he isn’t afraid of spiders, I don’t mind.)

Harrypotterish window

So at the end I left Liberty empty handed, frustrated, sad and knowing that the world is a horrible, horrible place. Just as I expected. I’m probably going to go there regularly for another month before the Christmas season really starts, just to dwell in all that beauty. I’m already craving another hit of the art nouveau peacock patterns…


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