Clapton festival

I really didn’t know how to start this blog. How do you start one? I thought I might do an introduction post about how I came to be in London, but then realised it’s a really boring story. So I guess the best way to start is the in-medias-res method. Right in the middle of everything – with a »report« on a festival that happened around here the previous weekend.

Clapton festival (named after the part of Hackney, not Eric) was held in front (and later inside) st. Johns church, which is roughly 10 minutes away from our home. I knew we had to go check it out immediately after I saw the poster. It was just too pretty.


We got there a bit late, Norbs sister and her boyfriend were visiting, so we did a bit of sightseeing first. (I noticed that Brick lane seems ridiculously boring when you’re there for the 5thor 6thtime. ) Norb, A&M went home before going to the festival to get the dog and refresh and whatnot, so I was there alone for some time. I’m a bit anxious alone in crowds (you’ll learn all about my anxietis if you’ll flollow this blog:)), but it actually felt really nice, despite all the pigeons, people and the drizzle. I just caught the end of a concert and the man sitting next to me on the bench said that it was music perfect for a Saturday afternoon. He was completely right.

But the highlight of the festival for me was the food, obviously. Norb and I shared a pastrami bagel (it was my first time eating pastrami. It was… interesting… :)). Then we saw a man flambéing something and knew we had to try that, too.



He was actually setting fire to some butter that was in a pan with scallops and bacon. 3 of my favourite foods together, it was like discovering a treasure. I later realised it was a van form Healthy yummies that have a show on Food network. I also found the recipe for the exact dish. I definitely have to try and make it at home someday (once we’re rich and can afford buying loads of scallops. 🙂


There was a party in the church later, but we were all tired and didn’t go. We did go into the venue though and it looked awesome. There was the profusely decorated altar on the left side and a dance floor and bar stocked with all kinds of spirits on the right. We actually contemplated partying with Jesus for a few minutes, but everyone except me doesn’t really like dancing… So we went home and watched a film instead.


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